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Smolensk Air Crash 10-4-10: key facts and analysis. The book was published in August 2015.             

On the basis of official facts it is already unfortunately clear that Smolensk was not an accident but a planned murder. The media is dominated by the Russian version of events, which does not correspond with the known facts. Notably there were not 4 attempts at landing according to the black box data, but only one, which in any case the pilot tried to abort. Likewise there was no general in the cockpit; his body was simply found in the vicinity of the cockpit, as would be expected since he was in the front passenger seats. There are many other such facts, and circumstantial facts too.

Russia: World War III? The book was published in January 2014. This book replaces earlier books to some degree.                                                                               

Russia is unfortunately expanding once more. The hidden murder of many leading Polish patriots at Smolensk has meant that her control over Poland has intensified; simultaneously she has only a weak USA President to contend with, although China is growing stronger. So she may be tempted to expand still further. However what Premier Putin does not realise is that one such attempt may inadvertently result in war, which could turn into a world war because of her size and strength ie. WW3. 

In preparation:

Lech Walesa Did Not Jump Over a Wall. The book launch will be in 2017. This book will replace the version published in 2004.

Lech Walesa did not jump over a wall or for that matter fence on the 14th of August 1980: this was physically impossible (as stated in the earlier version and cited by the IPN in Poland). He was in fact brought by a motorboat from Gdynia by the communist secret police to the Shipyard’s unfenced rear. Thus he was unfortunately a collaborator.

Older Published:

Russia and World War III. M. Laskiewicz. 1993. Krzenwic ISBN 1 871771 02 1.

A revanchist Russia would expand once more. This might lead to a military confrontation and ultimately a world war; millions would die, including Russians, and the world might be terminated. There are parallels, notably with Wiemar Germany.  

Lech Walesa Did Not Jump Over a Fence, 2004



W trakcie przygotowaniu:

Lech Wałęsa Nie Przeskoczył Przez Mur (w maju 2014 r.)



Lech Wałęsa Nie Przeskoczył Przez Płot, 2005


O Tutejszej Polszczyźnie

O Tutejszych Społeczeństwach