PANO: Rosja i Trzecia Wojna Swiatowa


Wykład: ROSJA i Trzecia Wojna Światowa
Dr Marek Laskiewicz
Nadchodzi chyba ta wojna, która zniszczy Polskę i może Wielką Brytanię, zwł. Londyn. Ostrzegałem przed tym od 1990 roku, a ostatnio opublikowałem pt: "Russia WW3?" ISBN 978 1 871771 95 4
Sala Prób, POSK, 18.30, 25.IX.14 (czwartek), wolne datki
PANO:  Struktura Ksiazki

The book will achieve this goal by explaining why and how such a war may occur. So it will alert the world to the possibility that World War 3 may still take place: our future need not be blind. Unfortunately this future is hard to believe in these post-Cold War times; this is part of the problem since by the time events evidently corroborate this book’s thesis whereupon enough people do at last understand, that is a neocommunist dictator does take power in Russia - it will be too late to avoid this future. Nevertheless if this book succeeds in warning the world, then this future can be avoided, in part simply through realising that it might take place. Our future need not be catastrophic.

Precisely because this future is incredible right now, the book’s structure is set up to be logical and simple, even with some repetition, so everyone can see this easily and clearly. Thus the book aims for clarity hence communication.

The chapter headings are listed below to present the book structure clearly; in essence the book’s structure mirrors its thesis, namely that a world war is still possible brought about by a theoretically likely crisis whereupon a dictator will arise with a consequent world war, which may terminate the world, though we can avoid this future.

2 The World War 3 Problem

3 The Crisis Route

4 Systemic Crisis Causer: Communistish Russia is Metastable

5 Nationalistic Crisis Causer: Challenger Russia

6 Antagonistic Crisis Promoter: Unbalanced West, Notably USA

7 Situational Crisis Promoter: World War 3 is Unexpected

8 Crisis Multipliers

9 The Key Crisis

10 Further Crisis Analyses

11 Neocommunist Dictator

12 Neocommunist Russia

13 World War 3

14 Possible Futures

15 World Crisis Management

There are also three summary tables:


Table 2 CRISIS ROUTES in Chapter 10

Table 3 SOLUTIONS in Chapter 14