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Anti-migrant government


The speeches made at the Conservative Party Conference, notably by the Home Secretary, give the impression that the post-Brexit government is anti-migrant, and not only against EU migrants.  However such employment beggar-my-neighbour tactics may give rise to retaliation abroad and so damage the UK’s chances of securing favourable trade deals and foreign investment (inward and outward).

Brexit has already encouraged hate crime, which is unfair to those who came here in good faith about their long-term prospects in the UK, especially as some had been invited. The Government has done little to combat this (or to quash rumours about drastic plans to expel migrants), hence it was recently criticised by the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI).  It should stop thinking of migrants as negotiating pawns.

All this may fuel anti-British sentiment abroad, which would further reduce employment here as ex-pats return because they face reprisals.  Indeed if the Government does not handle the matter carefully, British security could be imperilled if events spiral out-of-control.

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