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WPWB – Wolni Polacy w Wielkiej Brytanii

Lider: Dr Marek Laskiewicz

The Smolensk Air Crash was no accident; it was a planned group murder by Putin’s Russia, which is now expanding her influence with probably fatal consequences for all.

A book is being prepared, see Academic Books screen.


Two key public events are planned in the near future:

Visit to Embassies re Smolensk on Friday 18th November 2011 to hand in a formal open letter, as described in the separate screen in WPWB;

March through Whitehall on Sunday 11th December 2011 to Commemorate the Smolensk Air Crash and Draw Attention to the Inadequacy of the Investigation, also symbolically delivering an open letter, as described in the separate screen in WPWB.


Several public events have been carried out as described below, namely:

3 Protest Against Putin’s Poland’s EU Presidency, including delivering an Open Letter to EU and Conservative, Libdem and Labour Parties 01/07/11;

2 Trafalgar Square Public Rally 10/04/11 to Commemorate the Smolensk Polish Air Crash Tragedy;

1 International Smolensk Conference 30/01/11.



On the 1st of July 2011 a peaceful multi-place protest was held to protest against and draw attention to Poland’s current communistish-collaborationist regime, which is taking over the EU Presidency that day. It formally, publicly delivered an open letter (see below) to the Headquarters of the EU and of the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat Parties in Westminster, having first protested in front for 24 minutes, observing one minute’s silence at the end to remember the 96 Poles who died in the Smolensk Air Crash.

This is a multi-protest, a world first. The attendees are by invitation only, another world first, deliberately so as not to distract from the sad and brutal facts presented below.



Poland’s current regime is unfit to take over the European Presidency today. Far from being post-communist, she is communistish, being ruled by communists and collaborators. Almost all her communist political structure has remained, notably the State administration, the judiciary and the secret police – who continue to murder Poles patriots, dressing this up as accidents and suicides. There were no Nuremberg trials of communist torturers and murderers – so not surprisingly they continue to operate, eg. over a million people have their phones tapped. This communistish regime survives because the Polish communists with the help of collaborators retained power as 1989-90 was a gigantic set-up – all that they abandoned was the overt ideology. This was possible because unfortunately Lech Walesa did not jump over a wall to enter the Gdansk Lenin Shipyard on the 14th of August 19801; he was in fact a collaborator who was brought by the communist secret police to its rear; so when he helped the communists continue to rule together with collaborators from 1989 to this day. Thus Free Poland had struggled and helped overthrow communism, so the communists had to abandon their ideology publicly, but are still ruled by the them up till now.

Sympomatic of how Poland is not democratic is that the regime’s Premier Tusk simply closed down top Polish football stadiums because some fans did not like this regime. Such an action would be unthinkable in a West European democracy, indeed illegal – imagine Cameron trying to close down Old Trafford.

This regime continues to serve Russia, witness the GazProm robbery, so it is Putin’s Poland, which as such is Russia’s Trojan Horse in the EU and NATO. So this regime helped Russia’s group murder of 96 Poles, namy of them leading Polish patriots like President Lech Kaczynski; the Smolensk Air Crash was no accident, hence Smolensk is a second Katyn2. Thus not surprisingly the current collaborationist Polish regime has made no attempt to push the Smolensk investigation, instead praising the Russians at every opportunity, even when they have blatanty lied etc2. Indeed it has with them murdered uncomfortable witnesses who helped show smolensk was no accident.

Such a Poland does not deserve the EU Presidency; nor should such a Poland be in the EU and NATO unless she changes. Therefore the EU should examine the current Polish regimes actions, notably the recent elections which were fraudulently won by this regime.

1 See the Academic Books page.

2 Below is an abstract of Dr Marek Laskiewicz’s speech made at the Public Rally in Trafalgar Square pn the 10th of April 2011 when he formally accused Putin’s Russia of executing the Smolensk Air Crash group murder (see also the Smolensk pages).


At the Smolensk Air Crash on the 10th of April 2010 Putin’s Russia executed a group murder of 96 Poles, many of whom were leading Polish patriots, notably President Lech Kaczynski. Below are the harsh facts that support this accusation.

Putin’s Russia has deliberately:

  • lied eg asserting that the Polish plane had made 4 attempts to land whereas the official Russian MAK report later admitted that it was only made 1 attempt
  • destroyed evidence eg. the plane wreck was vandalised and left in the open
  • covered-up eg. not handed over the black boxes and over a 100 key documents to the Poles.

Indeed the MAK report has already admitted that the Smolensk control tower misled the Polish plane on to the crash course.

Nor is it possible that at such a low speed and so low to the ground the plane would be so badly wrecked and all inside killed. it was actually a thermobaric bomb planted in Poland that so damaged it and killed them – and any survivors were then shot in the subsequent 16 minutes before the sirens came on.

So Smolensk is part of Russia’s policy to murder those patriotic Poles who do not want to be ruled by her or her communistish system. Thus communistish Russia has again tried at Smolensk by this group murder to destroy Polish independence and culture just as communist Russia tried at Katyn et al, where she mass murdered over 20 000 polish officers.

This means that Russia is expanding again. However in Russia the communists rule overtly, they do not need the help of collaborators as in Poland. There is a small opposition in Russia, but it is weak and ineffectual.

So Russia is at it again. Such a Russia is not just a problem for the Free Poles; it concerns the whole world, especially UK, EU, USA and NATO.

The key question is – What will Russia do next? There will probably soon be a Russian crisis, which could turn into a war that would destroy Poland, probably UK, in particular London, and possibly USA, Germany, Benelux, France (so devastate the EU) and ironically Russia herself, maybe terminate the world – after all the nukes are still all there, indeed recently modernised by Russia. It is worth recalling the last time UK and USA ignored Poland’s plight and handed her over at Yalta to be destroyed by communist Russia, they found themselves to be Russia’s next target.

Therefore an International Commission should be established to investiage the Smolensk Air Crash. There is a Petition which can be signed to support this at



Delivered on the 1st of July 2011

Multi-Protest: Putin’s Poland Should Not Have the EU Presidency

Poland’s current regime is communistish-collaborationist: so it should not take the EU Presidency today; it does not deserve this honour; it is not even fit to be an EU member. It is in truth Putin’s Poland, hence Russia’s Trojan Horse in the EU and NATO – and anti-Polish, witness its accepting the GazProm robbery.

Lech Walesa was unfortunately a collaborator. He never jumped over a fence or wall to enter the Gdansk Lenin Shipyard on the 14th of August 1980 to lead the strike from which arose Solidarity. So when he became President in 1990, he helped the communists stay in power and get richer – as they had planned, 1989 being a set-up so the collapse of comunism is more apparent than real (likewise in Russia where the communists rule to this day).

So the communists benefitted from the apparent change-over and now penetrate the West with impunity. They rule by encouraging their opponents to emigrate and quietly murdering those who remain in Poland under the guise of supposed accidents and suicides – executed by the communist secret police. They also generally control the media and some elections are fraudulent.

Not surprisingly the present communistish-collaborationist regime helped Putin’s Russia execute the group murder of Poland’s leading patriots who were opposed to Russia ruling Poland, notably the Polish President Lech Kaczynski. The Smolensk Air Crash was no accidents; the facts show this – in particular the plane did not circle 4 times and it was misled by the control tower there, as the official Russian MAK report has admitted. Therefore what is needed is an International Commission to investigate the Smolensk Air Crash.

Thus Smolensk = Katyn 2. Russia is expanding again. So as Russia is at it again, the key question is – What will Russia do next? An unexpected crisis will probably follow, which may well turn into a war, perhaps WW3. 




This event was held in Trafalgar Square by Nelson’s Column from 2pm to 4pm on Sunday the 10th of April, which was the anniversary of the Smolensk Air Crash Tragedy. The Polish President Lech Kaczynski with his wife Maria died then together with 94 others, many of them very important citizens. They were on their way to commemorate the Soviet atrocity of Katyn 70 years before.

The public rally had several goals: to commemorate the air crash and those who died; to call for an international commission to investigate the air crash; to protest about the inadequacy and mendacity of the official investigation to-date; and to present the truth based on known facts. It was co-organised by PWWB and London Klub Gazety Polskiej.

Timetable: 2.20 Mrs Małgorzata Piotrowska, London Klub Gazety Polskiej Leader, opened the public rally. All sang the Polish National Anthem 2.25 Dr Marek Laskiewicz, PWWB Head, explained in English why on the basis of known facts the air crash was unfortunately not an accident* and state what happened 2.35 Mrs Małgorzata Piotrowska called in Polish for an international commission to investigate the air crash 2.45 The victims’ names were read out 3.00 A minute’s silence was observed. All recited the prayer for the dead Wieczny Odpoczynek [Eternal Rest] 3.05 Dr Marek Laskiewicz presented in English the threat post-communist Russia poses to the world – including to herself 3.15 Mrs Małgorzata Piotrowska described in Polish the difficulties facing the families of the victims 3.25 All sing Boże, Coś Polskę [O Lord! Who Guards Poland] 3.30 Dr Marek Laskiewicz closed the public rally.

There were Special Masses held at Balham at 6pm and at Little Brompton Oratory at 6.30pm. The Polish film List z Polski was shown afterwards at Little Brompton Oratory at 7.30pm.

Please sign the petition to call for an International Commission to investigate the air crash at the website displayed below – over 400 000 people already have

* There are many such facts, some important ones being that: the investigation has not been carried out in accordance with international law, notably the Chicago Convention; there is no evidence that General Andrzej Blasik was in the cockpit or that the pilots were pressurised in any way; undoubtedly Smolensk Air Control systematically misled the Polish pilots as to their true distance from the runway; the Polish pilots made only one attempt to land, not four attempts, and indeed tried to abort this at the safe altitude of 100m, but their aircraft strangely failed to respond; Polish investigators have not yet received many documents from Russia, including the black boxes; Polish experts have not yet had an opportunity to examine the plane wreck because Russia has not permitted this; the tombs of the victims were sealed with lead and their families not permitted by Russia to open them.


                                            1 INTERNATIONAL SMOLENSK CONFERENCE 

On the 30th of January 2011 an international conference was organised by PWWB and Klub Gazety Polski about the Smolensk Air Crash. The speakers were Dr Marek Laskiewicz, Mrs Malgorzata Pietrowska and Vladimir Bukovsky as well as others.

7.30pm, Sunday 30th January 2011, Hall by Little Brompton Oratory, Little Brompton Road, London, Free Entrance

A crisis involving what is really a Weimar Russia may yet develop quickly into a war as stated the book ‘Russia and World War 3’. Poland today is really a communistish state because unfortunately Lech Walesa did not jump over a fence or wall, as stated in books with those titles, but was brought by the SB by boat to Gdansk Lenin Shipyard on the 14th of August 1980. So the Smolensk Air Crash, in which the main elements of Free Poland in Poland were killed, was caused by this Weimar Russia, in part because Obama is a weak President, supported by communistish Poland which suppressed the truth about how the Smolensk Control Tower deliberately misled the Polish pilots for 9 months until a recent technical analysis forced its hand.

This lecture is given in conjunction with a lecture already being organised by Klub Gazety Polskiej, which helped bring about this recent technical analysis and then to publicis it in a Public Hearing of the European Parliament in Brussels on the 7th of December 2010. So the lecture is jointly chaired by Mrs Malgorzata Piotrowska, Leader UK Klub Gazety Polski, and Dr Marek Laskiewicz, PWWB Head.

Consequently the lecture continues:

7.50 Mrs Malgorzata Piotrowska – an International Commission is needed to investigate the air crash because of this recent technical analysis, see

8.00 Mr Andrzej Melak, Leader Katyn 2010 Association – how bodies were identified in Russia, including that of his brother who was on the flight

8.10 Mrs Anita Czerwinska, Leader Warsaw Klub Gazety Polski – how Klub Gazety Polskiej has helped the investigation, see

8.20 Mr Grzegorz Wierzcholowski, Gazeta Polska journalist – a recent technical analysis has shown the air crash was not an accident, and this lecture will detail that analysis, which is based on official facts, see

8.40 Mr Leszek Misiak, Gazeta Polska journalist – how the investigation was hampered from the start and the numerous discrepancies

8.55 Mr Wladimir Bukovsky, Russian dissident and Presidential Candidate – the political implications of the Soviet Regime on the world today.