PANO: Smolensk: official facts, scientific analysis

Smolensk: official facts, scientific analysis

  I would like to invite you and your colleagues to a lecture, which I believe will be of interest to you, given by Dr Marek Laskiewicz at University College, University of London in the Room B19, Drayton Building, 30 Gordon Street, London WC1H 0AX at 6.30 p.m. this Monday, 8th December 2014.

     It is entitled Smolensk Air Crash 10/04/10: Official facts, Scientific analysis based on his book with the same title.  It concludes that the air crash on the 10th April 2014 in which the Polish President Lech Kaczynski and 95 others died was not an accident but that President Putin organised the murder of his key opponent in Eastern Europe who had stopped him expanding Russia into Georgia in 2008, hence he was able to expand into Ukraine with impunity in 2014.  This analysis is based solely on official Russian evidence; it points out bombs provide the only explanation consistent with the uncontested public facts; it is based on a new theory – and Smolensk is related to Ukraine.

     Please note that Dr Laskiewicz is also a Chartered Engineer (MIET, CEng, indeed a European one Eur Ing) as well as an Affiliate of the Royal Aeronautical Society.  He has actually been suspicious about Smolensk for many years, but has only now fully worked out how the assassination plan was carried out.  As a result he has over the years organised lectures, meetings and rallies about this.  In addition please note Lord Tebbit stated (and agreed to be quoted) in an email to Dr Laskiewicz on the 27th April 2013 after he received a synopsis of a previous lecture by Dr Laskiewicz that ‘he thinks that I [Dr Laskiewicz] may be right to question whether this crash was indeed an accident‘.

     As Dr Laskiewicz has warned since 1991 for nearly 25 years, a crisis in Ukraine may lead to World War 3 and so world termination; indeed technically this may be the start of the world war sequence now.  Please note: President Putin has won in Donetsk, and his influence is spreading in Eastern Europe; recently in Poland it has emerged that in 2008 Russia was contemplating action against Ukraine; NATO, President Obama and Chancellor Merkel are warning about current Russian actions; and Putin’s former adviser Andrej Illarionov has warned Putin’s ambitions lie beyond annexing Crimea, e.g. the Baltic States.

     This lecture is the fifth in a cycle of lectures given by Dr Laskiewicz. The first was entitled RUSSIA WW3? based on his book with the same title, and was given at the School of Slavonic and East European Studies [SEESS], University of London, on the 9th October 2014, which considered why World War 3 might occur, in particular that President Putin might be replaced by someone more unpleasant, a dictator like Hitler but espousing a left-wing hence neocommunist ideology; the second was entitled World War III based on his book with the same title, and was given at University College, University of London, on the 30th October, which considered how World War 3 may be fought, concluding this would occur in stages; the third was entitled 25th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall: Donetsk – the disappointing history of modern Russia, based on the above book about Russia, and was given at the Polish Hearth, 55 Exhibition Road, London; the fourth was entitled Dictatorship and Military Conflict, and presented a part of the underlying nation polityst theory, and was given at University College on the 21st November, which leads to the prediction that a revanchist Russia may well engender a crisis (an interesting academic question arising out of this theory is whether President Putin is a dictator or not, in particular the one envisaged by it).  He has given some lectures at the Polish centre POSK too..

Previous lecture given on 10/04/14 

On the 4th anniversary of the Smolensk Air Crash on the 10th of April 2010 in which the Polish President Lech Kaczynski was killed along with 95 others, some of them important Polish VIPs, this lecture analyses the official facts, which are those given in the Russian State MAK report. It concludes on the basis of scientific philosophy that the official conclusion that this was an accident cannot be correct, so the only explanation that fits the facts is that a bomb caused this catastrophe. As a result President Putin was able to put his stooges into power in Poland who helped him cover up this assasination, and subsequently extended his control into Ukraine, whence the present crisis that may end in a military confrontation with the West which may become World War 3. Therefore the 96 on board the plane as well as subsequently 15 more Poles who questioned the official Russian (and so Polish collaborationist) conclusion were in fact murdered.

Please note that Lord Tebbit has in his Secretary’s email to Dr Laskiewicz on the 27th of April 2013 about a previous lecture on the 10th April 2013 has stated he is content to be quated that ‘he thinks you [Dr Laskiewicz] may be right to question whether the crash was indeed an accident’. 

I will give an academic lecture in SSEES (School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University of London) entitled

Smolensk: Official facts, Scientific analysis

(based on the 2014 book with the same title) at 6.30pm on Thursday 10th April 2014 in Room 345, 16 Taviton Street, London WC1H 0BW.

All are welcome.  Free Admission.

Dr Marek Laskiewicz, Head of PANO, Eur Ing, CEng, MIET, Affiliate of the Royal Aeronautical Society