PANO: Centenary of Poland Regaining her Indepedence – Exhibition: Fathers of Polish Independence

Exhibition: Centenary Anniversary of Poland Regaining her Independence

10th – 11th November 2018 at The Polish Hearth, Free Entry, All Welcome

The Exhibition “Fathers of Independence” comprising of 20 displays in Polish and English will be in the Ballroom from the Opening on Saturday at 12.30 pm until Ognisko closes on Sunday. Free books in Polish and English, to complement the Exhibition, will also be available as well as guided Exhibition tours. Guests and the Organisers will be present, at certain times, for individual discussions about the Exhibition, which celebrates the 100th anniversary of Poland regaining her independence. 


Saturday 10.11.2018 Ballroom

12:30 pm – Exhibition Opening. Welcome in Polish “Fathers of Independence” by Dr Waldemar Brenda

12:40 pm – Lecture in Polish by Prof. Tadeusz Wolsza “Józef Piłsudski: Statesman”

1:30 pm – Welcome in English by Dr Marek Laskiewicz

1:35 pm – Lecture in English by Dr Marek Laskiewicz “Fathers of Polish Independence”

2:00 & 5:30 pm – Guided tour of the Exhibition in English and Polish.

Sunday 11.11.2018 Ballroom

12:00 pm Exhibition opens

12:00 pm, 2:30 & 5:30 pm Guided tour of the Exhibition in Polish and English

6:00pm – Exhibition continues.

Meeting Room / Salonik

1:00pm – Debate in Polish “Roads of Two Fathers of Independence” about Józef Piłsudski and Roman Dmowski – two adversaries both seeking Polish independence yet by different roads, represented by Prof. Tadeusz Wolsza and Dr Paweł Libera.

2.30pm – Break

3:00pm – Seminar in Polish “Fathers of Independence” – about all the Fathers

5:00pm – Seminar summing-up in Polish by Dr Marek Laskiewicz.


1) Prof. Dr Tadeusz Wolsza, History Bureau, Polish Academy of Sciences & IPN Council

2) Dr Waldemar Brenda, Deputy Director, Education Bureau, IPN Warsaw

3) Dr Paweł Libera, Deputy Director, Research Bureau, IPN Warsaw

4) Prof. Dr Danuta Jastrzębska-Golonka, Casimir the Great University, Bydgoszcz

5) Dr Małgorzata Misiak, Wrocław University

6) Dr Sławomir Moćkun, European Parliament 

7) Dr Kosma Złotowski, European Parliament.


Dr Marek Laskiewicz – Coordinator IPN UK History Station & Leader PWWB

Sylwia Kosiec – IPN UK History Station & Deputy Leader PWWB

With Thanks to The Polish Hearth and IPN Gdansk, Szczecin & Warsaw

The Exhibition was part-funded by the Polish Embasssy MSZ Polonia Fund, the National Institute of Remembrance and the Polish Cultural Institute