Embassies Visit re Smolensk & Open Letter


On Friday the 18th of November 2011 a peaceful visit to many embassies will be made to point out that the Smolensk Polish Air Crash Tragedy was actually a cold-blooded group murder by Putin’s Russia to eliminate Polish opposition to her rule over Poland and so to put back into power Poland’s current communistish-collaborationist regime – which now holds the EU Presidency, and which helped Russia eliminate its patriotic opponents. This visit will formally, publicly deliver an open warning letter to these embassies in London, also observing one minute’s silence at the 9.00am start and at the 5pm end to remember the 96 Poles who died in the Smolensk Air Crash.

Therefore this is a historic march about an important event; there has never been a march like this in the centre of London. It is is another multi-event, recalling that on the 1st of July 2011. There will again be a few attendees by invitation only, deliberately so as not to distract from the sad and brutal facts presented below. Please note that Dr Marek Laskiewicz during the Public Rally in Trafalgar Square on the 10th of April 2011 has already publicly accused Putin’s Russia of executing this group murder. 


11th November 2011

Dear Ambassador 

Russia is re-arming and expanding her influence, hence at Smolensk last year she group murdered leading patriotic Poles. This may result in a crisis next year when Premier Putin becomes President again; so your country is in danger, as is the whole world including Russia.


At the Smolensk Polish Air Crash Tragedy on the 10th of April 2010 Putin’s Russia executed a group murder of 96 Poles, many of whom were leading Polish patriots, notably President Lech Kaczynski. Below are the harsh facts that support this accusation.

Putin’s Russia has deliberately:

  • lied, e.g. asserting that the Polish plane had made 4 attempts to land whereas the official Russian MAK report later admitted that it was only made 1 attempt
  • destroyed evidence, e.g. the plane wreck was vandalised and left in the open
  • covered-up, e.g. not handed over the black boxes and over a 100 key documents to Poland.

Indeed the official Russian MAK report has admitted that the Smolensk control tower misled the Polish plane on to the crash course – so it could not have been purely the pilots’ fault. This is the key point that has not been noticed up till this letter.

Nor is it possible at such a low speed, so close to the ground, and by hitting soft mud, that the plane would be so badly wrecked and all inside killed. It was actually a thermobaric bomb planted in Poland that so damaged it and killed them – any survivors being then ruthlessly shot in the subsequent 10 minutes before the sirens came on.

So Smolensk is part of Russia’s policy of murdering those who do not want to be ruled by her or her communistish system. Thus communistish Russia has again tried at Smolensk by this group murder to destroy Polish independence and culture just as communist Russia tried at Katyn et al, where she mass murdered over 20 000 Polish officers. Smolensk shows up Russia.

This means that revanchist Russia is expanding again. In Russia the communists rule overtly; they do not need the help of collaborators as in Poland. There is a small opposition in Russia, but it is weak and ineffectual. So Russia is at it again. Russia is a threat, especially against a debt-weakened West. Thus such a Russia is not just a problem for the Free Poles; this concerns the whole world, especially UK, EU, USA and NATO, notably her neighbours China, Korea, Japan, Ukraine, Finland, Latvia and Estonia – where she is waging cyberwarfare.

The key question is – What will Russia do next? There will probably soon be a Russian crisis, which could turn into a war that would destroy Poland, probably UK, in particular London, and possibly USA, Germany, Benelux, France (so devastate the EU) and ironically Russia herself, maybe terminating the world – after all the nukes are still all there, indeed recently modernised by Russia. It is worth recalling that UK and USA ignored Free Poland’s plight and handed her over at Yalta to be destroyed by communist Russia, only to find themselves as Russia’s next target.


Poland’s current regime is communistish, being ruled by communists and collaborators. Almost all her communist political structure has remained, notably the State administration, the judiciary and the secret police – who continue to murder Polish patriots, dressing this up as accidents and suicides. There were no Nuremberg trials of Polish communist torturers and murderers – so not surprisingly they continue to operate, e.g. over a million people have their phones tapped. This communistish regime survives because the Polish communists with the help of collaborators retained power as 1989-90 was a gigantic set-up – all that they abandoned was their overt ideology. This was possible because unfortunately Lech Walesa did not jump over a wall to enter the Gdansk Lenin Shipyard on the 14th of August 1980; he was in fact a collaborator who was brought by the communist secret police to its rear; so he has helped the communists continue to rule together with collaborators from 1989 to this day. Thus Free Poland had struggled and helped overthrow communism, so the communists had to abandon their ideology publicly, but she is still ruled by the them up till now – hence the collapse of communism was more apparent than real.

As a result of Smlensk this regime continues to serve Russia, witness the GazProm robbery, so it is Putin’s Poland, his Polish State, which as such is Russia’s Trojan Horse in the EU and NATO, indeed unfit to be in either, let alone hold the EU Presidency. So this collaborationist Polish regime helped Russia’s group murder of 96 Poles; not surprisingly it has made no attempt to push the Smolensk investigation, instead praising the Russians at every opportunity, even when they have blatanty lied – indeed it has helped murder uncomfortable witnesses who showed Smolensk was no accident.


I will come to your Embassy during Friday 18th November 2011 to deliver this letter formally to you. So if you wish, you could meet me informally then to discuss my points, and how your country could help – or indeed how I could help bring this analysis to the attention of your country and so help it avoid this oncoming danger. You can email or telephone me beforehand of course. 

There will be a March through Whitehall on Sunday 11th December 2012 to draw attention to Smolensk and to call for an International Commission to investigate the Smolensk Air Crash (the very thing Russia and communistish Poland fear and do not want) – owing to the inadequacy of the investigation to-date.

Please note that I was born and educated here in London. I am a member of Polish institutions here, sometimes holding office, notably as Secretary General of the Polish Society of Arts and Sciences Abroad. I am the Leader of the Free Poles in Great Britain (WPWB).

Dr Marek Laskiewicz

Head, PWWB