The Polish Association in Great Britain [PWWB] and the IPN History Station London invite you to a historical event dedicated to the Commemoration of Poland’s Indomitable-Accursed Soldiers Day

2pm-7pm on Sunday, 1st of March 2020

        at The Polish Hearth (55 Princes Gate, Exhibition Road, London SW7 2PN).  



(2.00pm Exhibition Opens  History overview by Sylwia Kosiec in Polish)

(2:15pm Lecture by Izabella Brzezinska “Accursed Soldiers: Independence Underground 1944-63” in Polish)

3:00pm Film about the Accursed Soldiers in Polish

(3:30pm Lecture by Dr Przemyslaw Wojtowicz The Crime of Katyn in Polish)

(4:15pm Exhibition Tour by Dr Marek Laskiewicz in Polish)


5:00pm Lecture by Dr Marek Laskiewicz Poland’sindomitable soldiers” in English

5:30pm Exhibition Tour by Dr Marek Laskiewicz in English


(6:00pm Exhibition Tour by Dr Marek Laskiewicz in Polish)


6:30pm Exhibition Conclusion by Dr Marek Laskiewicz in Polish and English.

6:35pm Reception

7:00pm Exhibition Closes  Thanks by PWWB Deputy Leader


Free Entry.

The Exhibition Accursed Soldiers: Independence Underground 1944-1963 will be in the Main Room at The Polish Hearthit comprises 20 historical displays covering the fight for Poland’s independence during World War II and after to 1963the descriptions are in English and Polish; these displays may be viewed at any time from 2pm-7pm; there will be guided tour in English at 5:30pm; the Exhibition was prepared by IPN Gdansk



1) Izabella Brzezińska, IPN Gdansk

2) Dr Przemysław Wójtowicz IPN Gdansk



1) Dr Marek Laskiewicz, Leader of the PWWB [Polish Association in Great Britainand Coordinator of the IPNHistory Station London

2) Mrs Sylwia Kosiec, Deputy Leader of PWWB, IPN History Station London.


CO-ORGANISERS are The Polish Hearth and IPN [Institute of National Remembrance] Gdansk.



1) Embassy of the Republic of Poland in London

2) Institute of National Remembrance, Gdansk

3The Polish Hearth


MEDIA PATRON – Radio PRL and Cooltura



The event is partly financed by Funds of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in London and the IPN [Institute of National Remembrance] Gdansk.

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