Równoległa kontynuacja nauki dla studentów z Polski na III roku studiów o profilu Fashion w College w Londynie. Możliwość uzyskania dyplomu BTEC na poziomie NVQ LEVEL 3 kwalifikującego do podjęcia studiów wyższych bądź podjęcia pracy na terenie Wielkiej Brytanii.


Edexcel BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Fashion and Clothing


Course outline

There are 6 Units in the qualifications which have to be passed. Each Unit have designated 60 contact hours. Students who can produce evidence of prior learning can be exempt from studing these Units. There are possibilities to change Units if required.


Design Methods in Art and Design

Learners develop skills and understanding of the design process and skills in applying this to the creation of art and design work. The Unit gives learners the opportunity to explore all areas of visual communication - including mind mapping, concept sketching, experimental and scale modelling, proofs,mood boards, colour/sample boards and final presentation.

On completion of this Unit a learner should:

1.Understand the design development process

2.Be able to use the design development process in own work

3.Be able to communicate ideas and intensions clearly

Assessment – Focused Resarch, Communicate-visual and verbal, Apply design process/design development cycle.


Fashion Media,Techniques and Technology

Learners develop their skills in creative work in the fashion industry through the exploration of a range of materials, constraction techniques and garment making technologies associated with fashion design. The Unit explores the fashion design process from the initial development of ideas to creation of the final outcome. This Unit also gives a solid foundation of technical skills of study at a higher level.

On completion of this Unit a learner should:

1.Be able to investigatefashion making processes

2.Be able to use fashion media,techniques and technology safely

3.Understand the properties of fashion materials and explore their potential

4.Be able to produce a finished product

Assessment - Realise outcome that is original and exciting. Be experimental yet effective in use of fashion media, materials and processes. Use a wide range of processes – compare,analyse and refine them-recording and evaluating


Fashion presentation Techniques

Learners develop skills,knowledge and understanding, through exploration, to the purpose and relevance of a range of traditional and contemporary fashion presentation media and techniques. They are required to research and develop a relevant and innovative fashion presentation solution for a specified market.

On completion of this Unit a learner should:

1.Be able to develop skills in fashion presentation

2.Understand how fashion and style can be communicated

3.Know about developments in the presentation of fashion ideas

4. Be able to communicate design ideas to suit specific markets

Assessment - Communicate fashion ideas to specialised markets that’s exciting, Develop individual style, Research and investigate own and others use of media techniques, illustrations and styles.


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